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Below: First load of baled grain bags off to Asia, via Vancouver on rail and ship!

To help address the challenges of waste management and recycling within the rural and small urban municipalities of the Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Regional Planning District, five municipalities met together in the winter of 2015 to examine the potential to invest in a regional waste management site. This site would be centrally located and locally managed, allowing for reduced collection and hauling costs, as well as increased opportunities for recycling of agricultural plastics, and household and industrial materials.

The founding five municipalities are the following:

  • Village of Maymont
  • Town of Blaine Lake
  • Town of Radisson
  • Town of Hafford
  • Rural Municipality of Douglas

In early autumn of 2015, these five municipalities agreed to put money on the table to kick-start this corporation, and undertook the purchase of just over two hundred acres of land located centrally in the RM of Douglas. This location was a former intensive livestock operation, which is being transformed to equip and serve the surrounding municipalities.

Our corporate goal is that all components of our operations will be funded with the revenue generated from the landfill site as well as from the sale of resources and recyclable materials. Apart from tippage and collection service fees, no operating funding will be drawn from the municipal tax system.